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about me

 zester71@hanmail.net                                                                                                                        cell +82-10-2693-3704


Associate of Arts Degree, 1997, ChuGye University for the Arts,

Seoul, Korea.  Major in FineArt





Neowiz, Seoul, Korea                                                  August 2009 to

Lead Environment Artist & concept Artist  MMORPG  Bless         


 Lucas Film, Singapore                                              April 2008 to June 2009
Lead Concept Artist  LucasArts_Star Wars The Clone(2008) Wars, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (2009) Wii, Monkey Island 1Special Edition

NCsoft, Inc, Seoul, Korea                                          May 2003 to March 2008
 Lead Concept Artist Lineage 2 Team and Environment Concept Part Environmental

RG Prince Film, Seoul, Korea                            May 2002 to May 2003

Senior Artist of Department, Leading to Main Concept Design


SoftGate Inc., Seoul, Korea                                       Dec 2000 to March2002

Lead Artist, Leading to Environment Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Texture Design

MID Digital Studio, Inc, Seoul, Korea                           March 2000 to Nov 2000

Clerk, Leading to Environmental Concept Design & Illustration                      


Media Soft Inc, Seoul, Korea                                    March 1999 to Jan 2000



Sagak Stage (The Arts Council Korea), Seoul, Korea                 Jan 1997 to March 1998


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